Martes, Agosto 19, 2014


Hi Guys! So today I will be posting my very first haul. Actually I’m absent at school today because I’m not feeling well :(.And because I got bored I decided to post something on my blog. But before I post this I do a little research and watched some video’s about hauls. We’ll not everything in here are all new but I  got some of them like this month. So enjoy! 
-First thing that I got is this Blue Midi Dress from Candies. I actually fell in love in this dress because I think I can wear it everywhere like in Church and Malls and you can also wear it during summer because its so cute and comfy.
-The second thing that I got is this High-Cut Shoes from Pony. I actually think that it looks like a converse shoes but the thing is it has a symbol of Pony beside it. Plus it’s so comfy! 
-I got this high-waisted ombre shorts from Sm Department Store (GTW) I love wearing shorts so I got one. And also I super love the color of it. 
-The last thing that I got is this Pink Printed Dress from Candies. When I saw this I told myself that I need to own it because I super love its color and the print of it. And I really love wearing dresses. 
I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank You!

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