Miyerkules, Setyembre 3, 2014

Shorts Haul

Hi Guys! I’m back in my second haul blog. This time it’s all shorts. Because this past few days it’s really hot here in the Philippines. And it makes me feel comfortable when i’m wearing shorts. Plus I’m a short girl so I badly need to wear shorts. I got all this shorts in different places because I am really adventurous when it comes to my clothes. So here is it. 
1. I got this pink floral shorts from a Thrift Shop in Tagaytay. And I think you won’t believe me if I told you that I got it for 150 pesos. Yes it’s so unbelievable but i love it and it’s pink and floral. 
2. When I got home yesterday my Mom gave me this super gorgeous anchor shorts. It’s quite big to me but I don’t really care because I have my belt with me. 
3. I really love printed clothes so the first time that I saw this shorts on the mall I tell myself that I really have to own it. It’s fitted to me but it’s still comfy. 
4. The last shorts that I got is this handsome Bart Simpson High-Waist shorts. I feel so hipster when I wear them and I’m so sorry because I really forgot the name of the online store but i think there’s a lot of online stores that sell this kind of shorts. And this one is my favorite. 
So this is the end of this haul blog. I hope you enjoy and like it. Thank you!
xoxo, Nikki.
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Martes, Agosto 19, 2014


Hi Guys! So today I will be posting my very first haul. Actually I’m absent at school today because I’m not feeling well :(.And because I got bored I decided to post something on my blog. But before I post this I do a little research and watched some video’s about hauls. We’ll not everything in here are all new but I  got some of them like this month. So enjoy! 
-First thing that I got is this Blue Midi Dress from Candies. I actually fell in love in this dress because I think I can wear it everywhere like in Church and Malls and you can also wear it during summer because its so cute and comfy.
-The second thing that I got is this High-Cut Shoes from Pony. I actually think that it looks like a converse shoes but the thing is it has a symbol of Pony beside it. Plus it’s so comfy! 
-I got this high-waisted ombre shorts from Sm Department Store (GTW) I love wearing shorts so I got one. And also I super love the color of it. 
-The last thing that I got is this Pink Printed Dress from Candies. When I saw this I told myself that I need to own it because I super love its color and the print of it. And I really love wearing dresses. 
I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank You!

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Biyernes, Hunyo 6, 2014

Starting A New Passion

Welcome! Little Chic Style by Nikki Pereña is a personal blog that records Nikki’s daily doing’s in life. What she wore, eat, love, where she go. Nikki is currently a 4th year high school student from Tagaytay. She may still be young but she is already ready to face her future.Nikki’s biggest dream in life is to be a fashion designer and owner of a coffee shop. And she hopes that through her blog, she is able to inspire many individuals. 

 Enjoy Reading :)